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Why not keep things simple?  Did you know that you already have an amazing machine to keep you fit? .......Your own body!  ​​

I am dedicated to help those who are interested in learning how to use their body in proper alignment and to create the most muscle activation for results.

Results in BETTER POSTURE, INCH LOSS that cinches in like spanx, plus the benefits of FLEXIBILITY, CARDIO, STRENGTH, and FASCIA FITNESS!    

​​​Quite a full body exercise routine in less time than you think!   I love to share it with others!

President of T-Tapp, Inc.
Creator of the T-Tapp Workout
Author of Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes

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Teresa Tapp & Deb

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* My passion for fitness started right out of high school teaching aerobics for the YMCA.

* Current as an ACE Personal Trainer  (since 2003)

* Current Master T-Tapp Trainer status  (T-Tapp certified since 2007)

​* Current as a ACE Health Coach  (since 2013)

​​I offer classes, clinics and personal training that shed light on understanding and incorporating the form of T-Tapp to create greater muscle activation within your workouts for desired results and to fit fitness in all other aspects of life.  

I train using the T-Tapp method of movement.

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I welcome your questions, feedback and insights.