Body Sculpting Inch loss, healthy hormones, less inflammation & More Energy

"T-Tapp is the ideal anti-aging workout"  

                        - Nicholas Perricone, M.D.

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  • Is not Tap Dancing, but a wellness workout that works!
  • Is done without weights, equipment, or jumping!

  • Is very rehabilitative, especially for the lower back and knees. The movements look so simple, but they provide a workout like no other.
  • Works all layers of the muscle at both attachments to develop muscle density instead of muscle bulk.
  • Is more than a mind/body workout! T-Tapp is a left/right brain, mind/body workout.  As well as a fascia fitness workout.
  • Is where less becomes MORE! Instead of working long and hard, discover how quality of movement can be more important than quantity.
  • Is a challenging workout for all fitness levels!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.....

Get started TODAY!  CLICK on the T-Tapp Logo to the right to learn "How To Get Started with T-Tapp" or contact me about attending a T-Tapp class or clinic. Discover that "YES YOU CAN"                       become a better you and live an inspired, empowered life.

It is never too late to get fit, healthy and enjoy life!"