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                                                                               Deborah Etter

ACE Certified Personal Trainer,
Health Coach and
Master T-Tapp Trainer

My fitness training is with a 
wellness workout called....   

More Than A Workout! 
T-Tapp... Is done without weights, equipment, or jumping! 
  I highly recommend this workout be the foundation of any other fitness activities you do!

 T-Tapp Over Review  

This is a DVD in-home wellness workout 
Fast Inch Loss
Healthy Hormones
ery Effective
 Muscle Activation to Build Muscle Density (not bulk)
Fascia Fitness
 Help with Muscle Imbalances
Time Saver - "Less is More"  
(each move works 5-7 muscles at one time)
Cardio - Strength - Flexibility all in one

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